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You can play the game in english or in german. Add the game in the preferred language to the shopping cart and click on "checkout". Pay online. (Gift vouchers are only valid for our live escape games)
Shortly after, within a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail with an access link for you and your team. You can choose whether you want to play directly or later. The game link is valid for 6 months. With some email providers the delivery can take up to one hour. Please check your spam.
Technical requirements:
  • PC/Mac or laptop (smartphone & tablet do not work)
  • good internet connection
  • please use Chrome, Edge or Firefox as your browser 
  • you don't have to download anything
Please turn on the sound. Some puzzles contain audio and video sequences that you can only solve only if you hear something.
For the multiplayer mode you share the access code with your team members (maximum 5 devices).
A web page with "start/participate game" will open. There you can also enter your name or your initals.
All participants should start at the same time and use Chrome, Edge or Firefox as browser.
You all are in the same game. Playing in multiplayer mode means that all of you can click in the game and enter solutions.
The game synchronizes automatically for every player.

We recommend that only one person clicks at a time for the whole team, or you at least keep up a good communication about it, otherwise the game may get chaotic.
Use an external app, like Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc. for your communication.
Have a piece of paper and a pen ready. You will certainly have to make a few notes.
If you get stuck on a puzzle, there is an integrated hint system in the game. And if it should not work at all, you can also look up the solution.
Now enjoy an exciting story with tricky puzzles and beautifully created scenarios, accompanied by sound effects and videos sequences.

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