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Frequently asked questions about online escape games

What is an online escape game?

Online escape games are virtual escaperooms that you can play independently together at any time

at home or at different places

All you need is a PC/Mac or laptop with sound and a good internet connection.

Experience a thrilling adventure in the style of a point-and click game with audio- and video sequences.

How do I book an online escape game?

Choose the game in the preferred language and put it into the shopping cart.

Click on "checkout" and pay online.

Then you'll recieve an e-mail with the access code for you and your team.

You can play the game once with your bought access link until you have completely finished the game.

Can I pay with a gift voucher?

Our gift certificates are only valid for our live escape rooms.

If you want to purchase the online game as a gift, simply buy the game and

send the e-mail with the access link to the person you want to buy the gift for. 

How quickly will I receive the access code to the game?

Normally, the e-mail with the access link arrives a few minutes after the payment.

With some email providers, the delivery can take up to an hour.

To be on the safe side, please check your spam folder. You can start the game immediately once you received the link.

Do we have to play immediately after booking?

If you want, you can start right away, but you don't "have" to.

The access link is valid for 6 months.

It expires as soon as you have played all the way through the game once.

Are there any technical requirements, do I have to download anything?

You don't need to download anything! Everyone needs a PC/laptop with internet access and speakers/sound.

Please use Chrome, Edge or Firefox as your browser (Internet Explorer does not work)

If you are playing in multiplayer mode, you will need a medium to connect for team communication.

Pen and paper can also be helpful.

Is it possible to play with smartphones or tablets?

The format is optimized for PC/laptop and does NOT work on mobile devices.

How to play in multiplayer mode with several people?

Multiplayer means that all of you can click and enter solutions in the game.

Once you receive the access link, you share it with your team members.

A web page will open, there you can enter your name (or even only the initial letter), then you all click 'Start Game/Participate' at the same time and you will be in the same online game.

The game synchronizes automatically for all players. 

If one of you solves a puzzle, all other players will automatically proceed as well.

For your communication, it is best to connect via an external app such as Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Google Meet, etc., so that you can talk to each other during the game.

How many devices can participate in the game?

With one ticket you can participate with up to 5 different devices at the same time.

Send the link to your team members.

But please: All use the Chrome, Edge or Firefox as browser and make sure you have a good internet connection.

Also make sure that everyone starts the game at the same time.
Talk to your teammembers if you click on things or objects or want to click on them, so that your teammates can keep up with you.

We recommend that only one person clicks for all of you at a time, or you at least have a good communication.
If you click wildly around, the game may be overloaded for a short time and technical problems and delays may occur.

Could the game also be played with more people than the recommended team size?

Exceeding a certain number of players can cause technical problems, delays and especially chaos in the game, so we recommend a maximum of 5 devices.
Of course, we can't control how many people are sitting in front of the same screen. We recommend a maximum of two, but if you really want to do that, you can crowd four people in front of a laptop, but we doubt very much that this will be fun.

So if you want to play with a larger group, we recommend playing in several small groups.

Here, any number of teams can compete against each other.

The game must then be purchased once per team.

Example: 4 teams with 4 participants/devices each = buy 4 games.
You then play completely independent of each other, but you can, for example, take the time time you needed to finish the game and the number of hints you got and make a challenge out of it.

Do we need screen sharing?

No, everyone can open the game independently on his/her PC/laptop.

Everyone sees the same thing. Therefore, no one has to share his/her screen.

The game synchronizes automatically for all players. 

Can I play across countries?

Of course you can. If you come from Germany and want to play with someone from Austria, for example,
simply send the access code from the order to your teammates.

Is there a tutorial before the start of the game?

Before you start the game, you should have a quick look at the technical requirements from the confirmation e-mail.  The functions for the game itself are explained in an instructional tutorial before you start the game.

Do we need a time slot? Do I need to book the game for a specific day or time?

No. After ordering you will receive an access link that can be started at any time.

What happens if we get stuck in the game and need help?

The game has a built-in hint system for each puzzle. So if you need help, you can get hints there, or even get the solution displayed if a puzzle doesn't work out at all.

Is there a time limit to the game?

The time period we specify is only an orientation based on our experience.

There is no time limit. So you can take as much time as you need and even take some breaks if you want.

Does the game have an integrated communication?

Communication between you and your team members is done via external platforms such as Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Google Meet, etc.  It's best to use another device (e.g. your smartphone) and not the PC/laptop where the game is running on.

What happens if the computer crashes during the game?

If you leave the game - for whatever reason - you can always use the link to return to the point you were at, when you left the game.

Only if the game is played all the way through to the end, the link loses its validity.

Is the game suitable for kids?

As in our live escape rooms, we recommend the game for ages 14 and up. However, an adult should also join in here. Without adults, the game is probably too hard to play.

Your question was not answered?

Send us an e-mail. We will be pleased to answer your question.

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