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The devil sometimes travels in shape of a wolf and sometimes in the body of a stranger.

This is told in the remote mountain villages high up in the Alps,

where superstition is present even to this day.

Ever since the luxurious mansion was built, the locals have wondered

why Dr. Alexander von Braun had settled up here of all places.


Alexander von Braun was known as the best artifact hunter in the family.

He spent his whole life hunting for lost treasures from world history.

Always convinced that man's quest should be more than he could grasp.

For years he travelled all seven continents in search of a relic

that no one believed to be existing anymore.

But suddenly he died .

After the unexpected death of his uncle and mentor, Jonas von Braun

receives a mysterious letter.

Therein, Dr. Alexander von Braun describes a mysterious chest.

He is convinced that he had found "Pandora's Box",

which had been lost for thousands of years.

This box, as transmitted in Greek mythology, contained all bad things,

such as hatred, disease and death.

They escaped into the world once Pandora had opened the box.

As the only good thing, the box also contained hope.

But before hope could escape as well, the box was closed again.

And so the world became what it is today.

Jonas does not doubt for a moment.

If his uncle had found Pandora's box, he would have hidden it in his house

high up in the mountains.

Jonas decides to ask for your help.

Now it is your legacy to find the artifact.

Are you ready to give hope back to the world?

Teamprice only 15,-€
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