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in English only upon request
Beethovenstr. 27, 72336 Balingen

Thunderstorms are not uncommon in this area.

No one was worried about the massive wall of clouds coming up, enveloping the night sky in complete darkness.

When the power went out again and again after that,

the locals didn't think it was strange.


It took a while for the first people to realize,

that something had changed since that night. An eerie atmosphere

had settled over the area.

The origin seems to be the cabin of the

of the strange cryptozoologist Tiberius Wolff.


If you believe the tales of the locals, Tiberius

Tiberius Wolff is experimenting and ritualising with creatures

and artefacts known only from myths.

He is said to be obsessed with the so-called Lazarus effect,

which describes the phenomenon of extinct species of animal

that are rediscovered, resurrected.

Like Lazarus, who according to the Bible is said to have risen from the dead.



Again and again, there is the mention of a book which helps

to bring the dead back to life.

Tiberius Wolff used this book to release a dangerous power,

that will push the world into an age of darkness.

This dark power must be banished!


An ancient order of guardians has understood the signs correctly

and has instructed Jonas von Braun to break into Tiberius Wolff's cabin,

to find the book. Only in possession of the book the order can prevent worse.


Jonas von Braun has been missing for several days.

A video message to his grandfather with an urgent request

for help, was the last thing anyone saw or heard from him.

Do you have the courage to help Jonas von Braun and find the book?

Our live escape rooms are available in English upon request. Please write us an email!

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