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Frequently asked questions about Live Escape Games

How does a Live Escape Game work?

You will be locked in a room as a group with your friends, colleagues or family members. You have sixty minutes to complete a mission as a team. Solve different puzzles, combine and test your communication skills. At the end of the expiring time, you will have completed the mission in the best case. Please keep in mind that our Live Escape Rooms are only available in german language.

In which languages can I play?

The standard language of our rooms is German. On request, we can also offer the rooms in English. 

Please send us an email in advance so that we can adapt the room accordingly and organise an English-speaking gamemaster.


What is the fascination of this leisure activity?  Why should I play a Live Escape Game?

First and foremost, it's great fun! Mental challenge, combining, thinking, reasoning - together in a team where everyone can contribute their skills. Experience something extraordinary with your friends or colleagues and strengthen your relationship!

What happens in an emergency?

Of course, there is no danger that you will not be able to get out of the room. The door is not actually locked. You can leave the room at any time. However, this should really only happen in an emergency, because you will be mentally torn out of the game and your time will continue to run.


How long does the game take or how much time must be planned?

The duration of the game is 60 minutes. There will be a short briefing before and after the match. Therefore, we ask you to be on site at least 15 minutes before the start of the match. All in all, please allow approx. 1 1/2 hours per game.

What age are the rooms at escapeArea Zollernalb suitable for? Can I take my children with me?

Minors may only participate in our games when accompanied by an adult. Based on long experience, we recommend playing in the escapeArea for families with children from the age of 14 for the "Lazarus Effect" room, and from the age of 16 for the "Golden Dragon" room.

If your children are under 14, we have had good experiences in family constellations, together with several adults. You know your children best and can judge whether this format is suitable for them. If you are unsure, you are also welcome to send us an email. Please keep in mind that the rooms and puzzles have been developed and designed for adults. For players under 16 years of age, we always require a written declaration of consent from a parent or guardian if no parent or guardian is playing. There is no upper age limit.


Our Escape Rooms are not suitable for small children. For the most part, they were developed for adults and are therefore not childproof. For example, small parts could be swallowed and any effects that may occur inside the room can be frightening and disturbing for children. Young children need your full attention when they are in an unfamiliar environment. You will be engaged in keeping your children happy and therefore having less of the experience yourselves.


If the little ones are not yet independent, our rooms can be played with infant in a sling. However, please contact us about this in advance of your booking.

How many people can play the game at the same time? Is the number of players or the size of the group limited?

The game is suitable for groups of between four and eight people, depending on the room. We have thought carefully about how many people we allow in the rooms so that all players can have fun. In exceptional cases, the group size can be increased by one person, but this requires consultation with us. Beyond that, we cannot make any further exceptions, no matter how kindly you ask us or what reason you give us. If your group consists of more people, you will unfortunately have to book two rooms/dates.

If you are an experienced "Escape-Professional", the minimum number of participants can be reduced by one person after prior consultation with us. However, you will then also play for the price of 4 people.

What does a game cost - for how many people?

Our rooms are playable for 4 people or more. The price per person is 30,-€.

4 Players: 120 € / 30 € per person

5 Players: 150 € / 30 € per person

6 Players: 180 € / 30 € per person

7 Players: 210 € / 30 € per person*

8 Players: 240 € / 30 € per person *

* only room 2 Golden Dragon- Beethovenstr. 27 , 72336 Balingen

What happens when the time is up and we haven't solved the mission yet?

Then you have unfortunately not made it and will be "freed" by the game leader. We will then hold a small debriefing with you.


What happens if we are late for the event?

Please be at the venue as early as possible. If you are significantly late, the late time must be deducted from the playing time. This is the only way we can ensure that our connection dates can also start on time.


What happens if we are not able to come to the Escape Game?

For cancellations up to three days in advance via our contact form, the full price will be refunded, three days to 24 hours in advance half the price is due. For cancellations less than 24 hours before the booked date we have to charge the full price.

Can we go to the restroom during the game?

There are no facilities in the playroom itself. Of course, the door can be opened in an emergency. However, this interrupts the game and takes you out of the story. So it is advisable to go to the restroom in advance.

Do you need certain physical or mental qualifications for this activity?

No special physical requirements are necessary for the game itself. However, our room is not barrier-free. You don't have to be exceptionally clever, resourceful or well-read to solve our puzzles - everyone in your group has different qualities or ideas that, coupled with a little luck, will bring you step by step closer to the goal. However, people who suffer from claustrophobia should bear in mind that they will be in a "locked" room during the game.

Is it allowed to eat or drink in the room during the game?

Due to hygienic reasons, eating and drinking is not allowed in the playrooms.


How do we pay for the game?

At the moment only cash payment and payment via PayPal are possible, EC / credit cards and payment by invoice are not possible.


Are there parking spaces at escapeArea Zollernalb?

Yes, parking spaces are available in front of the house on the street.


Is it allowed to use the mobile phone during the game?

No - because solving the puzzles should be done with the help of teamwork, on-site clues and your mind. Your valuables including mobile phones should be deposited with the game master before the game.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?

Just a good mood. We will provide you with everything else you need on site.


We are under camera surveillance! Is the video being recorded?

No, the video is not stored. The camera is only intended for monitoring during the match and, if necessary, for intervention by the game master. 


Is the game also suitable for companies/departments?

Yes, absolutely. Solving missions together promotes the team development process in the long term. This game concept is excellent for significantly improving team communication and strengthening relationships within the team. Teamwork should not be left to random chance.

What size are the rooms?

The rooms vary in size, but are designed that a group of six to a maximum of eight people can move around the room fairly freely.  If, contrary to expectations, a problem should arise (e.g. a claustrophobic attack), there is always the possibility to leave the room.

What if we can't solve puzzles or can't find any more clues?

You always have the possibility to contact the game master via an appropriate communication medium and to ask for hints.

What if we are more/less people than indicated in the booking?

No problem! You can simply pay the surcharge to us in cash. However, the maximum number of persons may not be exceeded.

You can also play with fewer people than booked, but the smallest team size of 4 players can not be reduced. If you have paid the invoice amount in advance, a refund for too many people booked is unfortunately not possible. If you have selected "cash payment on site" when booking, we can adjust the price of the game. However, the minimum price of 4 persons (120,-€) is always due.


Who should not participate?

We advise against participation in the event of mental illness, heart disease, asthma and other serious illnesses. Please also read our general terms and conditions.


Do you serve alcohol?

We can answer that with a very clear "NO". Please come sober and with a crystal clear mind. Anyone who is not in control of his or her senses, or is under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-disturbing substance, will be excluded from the game.


Why can't I find what I want to know in the FAQ?!

Because we haven't been asked that yet.

We are constantly expanding this page as new questions arise. For further questions, you can also use our contact form.

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