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in English only upon request

Beethovenstr. 27, 72336 Balingen

Since time began, the Chinese triads have silently ruled the underworld.

A network of drug trading, prostitution, human smuggling,

blackmailing and violence.


In recent years, the "Golden Dragon" clan has risen almost unnoticed to become the most powerful mafia organisation based here.

Human smuggling and drugs are considered their main sources of income.

Loyalty to the triad boss is continuously put to the test in traditional rituals.


Conflicts are usually handled discreetly and by lower-ranking members. This makes it almost impossible to prove that the triad bosses - also called dragon heads - are involved in illegal business.


This tradition was now broken last night, according to our undercover investigator. The head of the Golden Dragon Triad shot someone in the street during an confrontation with an enemy organisation.


The murder weapon is now believed to be in a safe house masquerading as a Chinese restaurant.

Use the hour when the Triad is on an initiation ritual.

Find the murder weapon,

convict the Dragon Head and end their cruel activities.


We recommend this room for ages 16 and up

Our live escape rooms are available in English upon request. Please write us an email!

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